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3Backend / CoreBug ReportMediumLowxfce panel is flickering as soon as you klick left or r...New
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When I click on the msm icon at the notification area of the xfce panel, the panel starts flickering. The flickering stops only when changing focus (clicking desktop or another window). This is happening only with the specific icon, not with the rest. I tried many themes, WMs, and still happens.

See the forum topic for more

2buildisoBug ReportMediumLowbrltty doesn't talk on the live or installed systemNew
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brltty, the open source braille display server, can also function as a console screen reader. For sonar, I’ve been attempting to replace speakup with this.

However, even though I have it configured correctly, pulse audio is not letting brltty’s speech through because brltty is running as root. The solution seems to be either configuring logind to change the permissions such that brltty can get sound through or to run pulse audio in system mode.

This has security and also convenience implications. The jist of which is that if pulse audio is run in system mode, any other user can tamper with any other user’s sounds, cause other sounds to play, interrupt the functioning of their desktop, etc.

It also means that instead of the volume of apps and the desktop being stored per user as is the usual case, it’s stored system wide, meaning it’s not possible for each user to have their own settings. I’d prefer to go the logind rout but I’m open to testing pulse audio being run in system mode on a live image, just not on an installed system.

1CoreBug ReportVery LowVery LowSample TaskNew
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This isn’t a real task. You should close it and start opening some real tasks.

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