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Manjaro empowering devices and users

Manjaro is a Linux based alternative operating system with no adverts or licensing fees, it respects user privacy and allows full control over hardware. It can be installed on tablets, mobile, desktops, laptops and boards. Compatible with x86-64 or ARM architectures

  • Plug & Play Hardware
  • Rolling release
  • Wide range of software
  • Secure by default
  • Lightning fast
  • Easily installed

Starlabs StarFigher

The StarFighter is an exquisitely crafted, Linux-exclusive laptop that sets a new standard for privacy and performance. With its groundbreaking technology and sleek design, the StarFighter is the ultimate choice for discerning users who demand the very best, with Manjaro Linux pre-installed


Do any task in Manjaro

Open Source

Feel right at home with Manjaro operating system using your favorit desktop environment from a wide choice, install many of the available open source software, use native packages, flatpak or snap or build your own packages using the arch user repository


Manjaro works on computers independently of their age, boost older Hardware or super boost new hardware, powered by the Linux kernel, it lets you use touch screens and sound cards, graphic cards and peripherals out of the box, without having to fetch for device drivers from manufactures


Easily accomplish any office task with the available office suites, multiple document formats are supported and compatible with document format standards. Get your email on check with the best email clients


Play native games using steam or lutris , emulate other game platforms with steam proton or wine, use retro emulators and get all your games in one place, play media or video content or setup a media center, connect controllers over usb or bluetooth


Design using inkscape or gimp, do 3d with blender or freecad and bring them to life on your 3d printer with prusa slicer, do video editing using kde-live, or openshot , record or stream videos with open broadcast software


Use git version control for your projects, deploy and run virtual machines, manage docker or kubernetes instances, access configure and administer your remote machines via ssh, vnc, rdp or telnet


Build software and user interfaces with any programming language and test on top of the latest software with a rolling release model, use text editors like visual studio code, pycharm, sublime text or run a IDE such as eclipse or apache netbeans


Keep on top of your team communication in realtime, do chat or video mettings using mattermost, slack, telegram or any other available tool from many choices available in the Manjaro repositories

More Features

additional software



Manjaro running in the cloud with Shells on any device, from anywhere in the world, featuring secure end-to-end encryption and backups.

Softmaker Office

Softmaker Office

Softmaker Office lets you create spreadsheets and presentations using the Microsoft formats DOCX, XLSX and PPTX as its default file formats, this lets you edit your documents in Microsoft Office directly and without conversion.



Protect your personal data, keep yourself and your loved ones safe with a single subscription covering an unlimited number of devices.


Let us handle your OS integration, partner with us


Manjaro on devices

We are on a mission to get the popular Manjaro Linux to the masses and get it working on your hardware straight out of the box. Our partners are already benefiting from what open source software has to offer, it is reliable, cost effective and has better security by default.